Farm to Cafeteria in the News: “Local Foods: Canadian Schools, Campuses, and Health Care Facilities Speak Up”

The local, sustainable, food movement is picking up steam and shows no signs of stopping! In a new report from Farm to Cafeteria Canada, fronted by National Manager and TEGS Co-Investigator Joanne Bays, over 200 food and nutritional specialists working in Canadian institutions were surveyed on local food and their workplaces.

In schools, “90 per cent of the 144 schools … [surveyed] said that local food was a part of their curriculum, either in the classroom, through farm visits or gardening and composting on school grounds”. Universities are stepping up their game as well – “90 per cent of universities supplied some local food on campus and about one third have a contractual or policy requirement to obtain local food.”

From Farm to Cafeteria Canada:

“A report commissioned by Farm to Cafeteria Canada  illuminating institutional foodscapes in Canadian schools( grades k – 12)  and including campuses and health care facilities has been released today.  

Local Foods: Canadian schools, campuses, and health care facilities speak up is the first pan-Canadian survey of its kind. In all, 239 food and nutrition specialists working within schools, campuses, and healthcare facilities answered questions about efforts to bring local food into their institutions. The responses show that a significant number of public agencies in Canada are working along multiple fronts to put more local foods on patient and student plates.
Here’s a link to the press release and to the report

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Read more via the Vancouver Sun Food Blog.

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