Meet the Interns

We are very excited to introduce the team of interns at Think&EatGreen@School this spring.

Misa Gillis, Think&EatGreen@School Intern 


Misa Gillis recently transferred into the Global Resource Systems program for her upcoming third year at UBC, with a degree focus on international nutrition. She has always had a passion for health, food, and community, and is excited to be an intern for the Think and Eat Green project. She believes that sustainable food systems are crucial to foster community awareness of both individual health and the health of the environment, which in turn encourages further green projects and community connection.





Natalia Ordoñez, Think&EatGreen@School Intern


Natalia Ordonez is a third year student majoring in Food, Nutrition and Health and excited to be part of the Think & Eat Green @ School team for the upcoming summer. She loves food and sees its importance in the community, across cultures and amongst individuals. Natalia is involved in the community as the founder of the Spoon chapter at UBC, volunteers at The Vancouver Food Bank and with Growing Chefs!. She aspires to increase food literacy and overall knowledge in the future by educating children and families with involvement in the food community




Maryam Sadeghi, Think&EatGreen@School intern


Maryam Sadeghi is a third year transfer student to the faculty of Land and Food Systems. She is from Saskatchewan and started her secondary education at University of Saskatchewan in Pharmacology. However, she has always had a passion for nutrition and metabolism, and also very interested in the food system. So she applied for UBC nutrition, got accepted and moved to Vancouver.





We are very excited to introduce the team of interns at Think&EatGreen@School this winter.

Emma Burger, Think&EatGreen@School Intern 


Emma Burger’s motivation revolves around the concept of initiating and facilitating growth – whether in the garden, in others, or in herself. She is currently an intern with Think&EatGreen@School, planning and assisting the team with events and grant projects. Emma is in her final year at UBC, completing her BSc. in Food, Nutrition and Health. She strongly believes in the importance of the “outside classroom”, and aspires to decrease societies’ disconnect between farm and table and increase awareness of the importance of food system sustainability.





Carla Hick; Think&EatGreen@School Intern, Red Seal Chef, Food Grower, Agriculture Student and Entrepreneur 

Carla Hick 2Carla Hick loves food. She is a Red Seal Chef, has certifications in Seed Production and Permaculture design. She is in her final semester at UBC studying Applied Biology, majoring in Food and the Environment. Carla is passionate about sustainable food systems with eco-friendly processes from seed to table. She currently works on the research team for the BC Seed Trials and is an intern for the Think and Eat Green Project. She is gradually crafting a “growing, cooking and eating” operation whereby providing ecological vegetables, gardening consultancy, herbal teas, prepared foods, cooking classes, recipes and the art of feasting.

Jasmine Bal, Think&EatGreen@School Intern school liaison and social media 


Jasmine Bal has a passion for food – its importance in the environment, for health, in community building, and cultural identity. She believes in celebrating good food! Jasmine ventured into nutritional sciences after struggling with health issues and teen onset food allergies and having to change her diet dramatically. She worked with Fresh Roots on an educational farm in Delta,  where she built an acre large organic farm and realized the impact that growing food and being connected to food has on the community. She is in her second year at UBC studying Applied Biology, majoring in Food and the Environment. Jasmine is currently the Think&EatGreen@School social media intern and a liaison for TEGS granted schools. She aspires to pursue a career in food systems education in order to shorten the bridge between food growers and consumers while improving public and environmental health.



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