2019 Summer Institute

Save The Date

TEGS will be hosting a three-day Summer Institute on 3-5 July 2018. Details and registration will be open soon.



We hosted 4 multi-day Think&EatGreen@School Institutes as a way of connecting our entire community of learners in a hands-on experience of Learning with Life.

Click here to view photos.

The Institutes were designed to contribute to grow the vision and capacity of school staff, students, and school communities to collaboratively develop and share knowledge on healthy and sustainable food systems at their schools.

Our Institutes played host to a combination of plenaries and hands on workshops focusing on different components of the school food system: food gardens and orchards; composting and waste management; food procurement; food preparation and consumption; innovations in teaching and learning; and school food policies.

Working with others in our school communities is an important part of making lasting change possible. As such, we asked that people try to come as part of teams from school communities, potentially including teachers, administrators, support staff, parents and community partners, as is relevant to your school.

Institutes hosted a stream for high school youth leaders suppored by Metro Vancouver’s Youth4Action.


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