From 2010 to 2015 the Think&EatGreen@School (TEGS) project worked to create healthy and sustainable school food systems in the Vancouver School District.   The 2017-2019 TEGS project, funded by the City of Vancouver and based at UBC in partnership with the Vancouver School Board, is modeled on several successful elements of the original.  This two-year continuation of TEGS will support teacher food literacy professional development through school-year workshops and Summer Institutes, and offer small grants to schools and non-profit organizations, as well as support applications for grants to pursue further research. In 2017-2019, TEGS will support activities and research focused on food literacy and food access.

Born of a large collaboration between the Vancouver Board of Education, UBC and dozens of community partners, 2010-2015 Think&EatGreen@School worked to create healthy, sustainable school food systems in Vancouver.

This website shares some of this work, while also providing contacts, tools and resources to support schools and community members in furthering the legacy of the Think&EatGreen@Schools project.

From 2010-2015 TEGS funded 51 VSB schools and 6 alternative schools via our Small Grants program. TEGS also placed thousands of UBC students in 48 schools from 2010-2014, to support food literacy and healthy eating. Of the 83 schools in Vancouver that have gardens, only 25 were not involved with the TEGS project.