Below are listed resources created by the TEGS team. See the menu at right for more resources created by other groups.

Garden Resources

Mason Bee Resource Guide by Nicole Read. Intended for use by educators and novice recreational beekeepers alike.

Think&EatGreen@School Food Garden Management Guide & Food Garden Management Plan can be useful tools for teaching secondary school students about the planning, design, and execution of a successful food garden.

Plant Menu –  This guide created by the permiculture design students at Tyee School in Vancouver can be used as a blueprint to creating your own garden ‘plant menu’.

Compost Resources

Returning to the Earth’ article in Green Teacher by Matthew Kemshaw. A discussion of using compost as a learning tool, and the shift to district wide collection in the VSB.

Dirt on VSB CompostDescription of the VSB organics collection program, answering what it is and why compost.

Student Compost Guide – A guide to help student groups start school compost programs.

Compost Script – A brief script for a presentation that students and teachers can use to educate school community members about the importance of compost.

Compost Video A short video to go with the Compost Script about, detailing how and why to compost in Vancouver schools.

Food Habits in Vancouver Schools

One Pager – Food Practices on School Days – Results of our work investigating student food practices at school.

One Pager – Focus on Food – Results of our work investigating how secondary students decide what to eat at school.

One Pager – School Food Environment Assessment – Results of our work investigating the practices and policies used in Vancouver to support healthy and sustainable eating.

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