School Action

There are many ways to support healthy, sustainable school food systems.


In the Vancouver region: Farm to Schools BC, members of the Vancouver School Food Network, and the VSB’s Sustainability Department are currently offering support and advice for teachers, students and community members interested in promoting and creating healthy school food systems.

DASH’s Healthy Schools BC Programs and Supports offer a wide range of resources for educators, school trustees and policy makers to take action on creating healthy school food systems.

The Coalition for Healthy School Food is advocating nation wide to promote and support healthy food in schools.

More About the TEGS Approach to Working with Schools

Our research involved close and consistent engagement with School Communities throughout. This engagement was facilitated through the Small Grants Program, Think and Eat Green Institute, Final Conference, as well as many close working relationships between TEGS research staff and students and educators in Vancouver schools.

TEGS funded 51 VSB schools and 6 alternative schools via our Small Grants program. We also placed UBC students in 48 schools from 2010-2014. Of the 83 schools in Vancouver that have gardens, only 25 were not involved with the TEGS project.

Check out the Story of Tyee Elementary for one long-running example of our collaborative research work in schools.

Review elementary and secondary school projects we supported:

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Check out our School Food Environmental Assessment Tool, one research tool designed by our collaborative research approach.


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