VIDEO: Teach kids the difference between Organic vs Non-organic in 2 mins with this Easy Video

This girl shows us the difference between organic and conventional products. It’s pretty impressive. When I was little I did the same experiment with potatoes in my day you could.

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Webinar on Student Nutrition to be held March 27, 2014

Click here for more information and to sign up for “Beyond Nutrition and Health – Measuring the Impact of “Feeding our Future” Student Nutrition Program”. This webinar will be held at 12pm March 27, 2014 with speakers Catherine Parsonage, (Executive Director &…

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Think & Eat Green @ School School Lord Kitchener Elementary’s Outdoor Classroom

This great story has emerged from TEGS School Lord Kitchener. The final planting went down September 16 2013 with many helping hands of students and parents. Among the new greenery in the planters are Saskatoon, Thimble and Huckleberry shrubs! Excerpt…

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VIDEO: LFS 250 Students Present ‘Mythbusters’ – Think & Eat Green Style

Students in the 250 class of Land & Food Systems at UBC created videos focused on both thinking and eating greener. This is the first of 5 videos we will be bringing to you this spring. Enjoy!

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