Think & Eat Green @ School School Lord Kitchener Elementary’s Outdoor Classroom

This great story has emerged from TEGS School Lord Kitchener. The final planting went down September 16 2013 with many helping hands of students and parents. Among the new greenery in the planters are Saskatoon, Thimble and Huckleberry shrubs!

Excerpt from

With the planter boxes in place, it was time to fill them! Thanks to the FUN Society’s Red Box Project, huge loads of soil and mulch were delivered to the Kitchener parking lot. And thanks to a whole lot of elbow grease from Kitchener parents and students, the boxes got filled and the last of the extra bricks were moved off site. Whew!

Food Garden and Green Space – Orchard, Veggie Garden, Composters

Excerpt from Facebook:

Lord Kitchener Elementary sits at the busy intersection of King Edward and Blenheim in Vancouver, BC. For the past year, the school site has been a high-traffic construction zone as the school is seismically rebuilt. Thankfully, provincial funding provides a safe, new school structure, but leaves little for the outdoor space. The PAC Sustainability Committee saw this challenge as an opportunity to transform this noisy, dusty site into an oasis where city kids can feel connected to nature by advocating for space to develop an Outdoor Classroom. With the help of partners,

Throughout 2013 the installation of a food garden and natural play area has taken place, researched and designed by Kitchener students. Classes and school clubs have envisioned a space that will give students of all backgrounds and abilities a chance to learn about the food cycle, attract and study insects and wildlife or simply play. The opportunities for creative play, learning and engaging the surrounding community are endless. Today’s Kitchener students will leave an amazing legacy as they become our future leaders in sustainability.

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