Webinar on Student Nutrition to be held March 27, 2014

Click here for more information and to sign up for “Beyond Nutrition and Health – Measuring the Impact of “Feeding our Future” Student Nutrition Program”. This webinar will be held at 12pm March 27, 2014 with speakers Catherine Parsonage, (Executive Director & CEO, Toronto Foundation for Student Success) and Denise Vavaroutsos (RD, Acting Manager, Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention, Student Nutrition Program, Toronto Public Health).

This webinar will focus on:

– 2-year evaluation of Toronto District School Board’s ‘Feeding Our Future’ middle and high school student nutrition programs

– the relationship between healthy breakfast and academic achievement.

– ‘Nourishing Young Minds’, an international review of School Nutrition Programs which makes a strong case for investment in our children’s futures.

The presenters will also explore the roles that public & community health and other partners play in ensuring all students have access to a sustainable food program.

Thank you to Brent Mansfield for bringing this webinar to our attention.


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