“Healthy stomachs lead to healthy minds and healthy marks.”

Sounds simple, right? If you missed our post on the Farm to Cafeteria movement reaching close to home here at UBC with their event October 16th at Place Vanier click here to read all about it.

The event coincided with World Food Day, as well as the launch of www.farmtocafeteriacanada.ca.

By December 31 of this year, Farm to Cafeteria aims to “release the findings of the first nation-wide survey of Farm to Cafeteria activity” with the data to be “used to develop a strategic plan to further the Farm to Cafeteria movement” says Joanne Bays, program manager and Think & Eat Green Co-Investigator. “We have asked Canadians ‘What will it take? ‘What are the top three priorities that a national organization can undertake to further the Farm to Cafeteria movement?’ We plan to share and act on those recommendations.”


Quotes from CityFood Magazine.

Photo-credit courtesy Farm to Cafeteria Canada.

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