The 2013-14 Think & Eat Green @ School Annual Report is Out Now

The final report of Think & Eat Green @ School activities from the 2013-14 year is now available in PDF format! Click here to download the Think & Eat Green Annual Report 2013-14.


This report was collaboratively written by the Coordinating Committee of Think&EatGreen@School.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alejandro Rojas

Co-Investigators: Dr. Jennifer Black, Dr. Gwen Chapman, Dr. Cyprien Lomas

Project Manager: Elena Orrego

Project Coordinator: Dr. Will Valley

Project Community Liaison: Brent Mansfield

Compiler: Dr. Will Valley

Graphic Designer: Rosamelia Andrade



Important contributions to the writing of this report were made also by:

Graduate Research Assistants: Chessa Adsit-Morris, Stephanie Shulhan, Nicole Read, Matthew Kemshaw, Adrienne Levay

Also, important contributions to some of the activities reported here were made by

Co-Investigators: Dr. Jolie Mayer-Smith, Sarah Carten (Vancouver Coastal Health)

Small Grants Coordinator: Julia Wagner

Graduate Research Assistants: Naseam Ahmadi, Teya Stephens

Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Cayley Velazquez

Project Digital and Social Media Coordinator: Grace McRae-Okine



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