Storytelling at the Summer Institute

On the morning of the Wednesday edition of the Summer Institute, Cyprien Lomas, Duncan McHugh and Nathan Moes led a short workshop entitled “Discovering and Sharing the stories from your Garden.” Here on Thursday, we present one of the fine products that emerged from our participants. A gripping tale of a fun-loving bag of peppermint tea (he/she has no name…appropriate for its brand!), who near the throws of death, is thrown a lifeline by a composting pile. We are pleased to present, “Tea Bag Angst,” by Brent, Sarah, and Karen.

Getting ready to leave my friends for a hot tub party…
The life of the party.
Egad! But I’ve got so much left to give!
I can’t believe my life is going to end like this…Teacher’s note: irony
…But wait! A new friend explains to me how things work in the compost pile – menthe-a-menthe…Teacher’s note: French connections
My life gives to another.
My reek in the compost is transformed into another minty freshness.

Another hot tub party, now uninhibited by previous trappings.

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