“We’ve got red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers…”

Farm to School, an initiative of the Public Health Association of British Columbia,  found itself in the spotlight of  the GlobalTV News this past Thursday, May 31, and the resulting story is one equal parts charm and inspiration!

Farm to School aims to ensure children have access to fresh, local, nutritious, safe and culturally appropriate foods while at school. To achieve it’s goals, Farm to School works with local farmers and educators such as Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society (another Think&EatGreen@School partner!), who assist the program in creating school gardens and providing students with educational opportunities to learn about foods and local food systems.

The program is currently working in 5 Vancouver schools, including Sexsmith Elementary which was highlighted in the TV spot. The video provides a small glimpse into the remarkable program. From not knowing what an orchard was, or screaming in surprise as a beet is pulled from the ground, the images of Sexsmith students harvesting kale, slicing strawberries, and rattling off a veritable smorgasbord of healthy ingredients, “chickpeas, red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers….” depict the success of the program. And the claims of “So good!” and “Thumbs up!” as students munch through their lunch, may just put some adult eaters to shame.

A “Well done!” to these remarkable Think&EatGreen@School partners. They and a host of other quiet contributors are changing the way students think, eat, and learn about food!


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