National Farm to School Network Launches Comprehensive Evaluation Framework

From the press release:

Framework-08-25-14_webToday, the National Farm to School Network launched a pioneering and highly anticipated new resource, Evaluation for Transformation: A Cross Sectoral Evaluation Framework for Farm to School.

Evaluation for Transformation is the first comprehensive document to define outcomes farm to school can achieve and offer language, guidelines and metrics to help users understand and articulate those outcomes.

For each of the four sectors (public health, community economic development, education and environmental quality), the framework provides:
– a compilation of existing peer-reviewed research literature;
– stories from on-the-ground activities demonstrating outcomes in that sector;
– priority outcomes, indicators and measures vetted by contributors;
– examples of existing evaluation and implementation tools and resources;
-a flavor of cross-sectoral connection feasible through farm to school activities.

This resource was developed in part with support from the Aetna Foundation.


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