Think & Eat Green Through 2015!

Great news: the Think&EatGreen@School Project has succeeded in securing funding for the second half of the project until 2015!  Many thanks to the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s midterm review of the project, and for their continued support of this university-community alliance research project.
From the letter of approval:
Overall, the committee judged this community-university alliance to be very good. Specifically it commended the team on its creative use of mini-grants and its ability to adapt to the challenges of the BC teachers’ work action. The committee was also impressed by the significant number of graduate students involved in the project.
The committee found that the four overlapping themes contributed to the coherence of the project and enhanced the research and knowledge production of the team. In regards to the dissemination of research results, the committee lauded the team for its creation of summer institutes which it found to be very worthwhile endeavours. The committee also recognized the excellent outreach of the team to schools and school boards which subsequently aided in its access to policy makers.
To read the full letter, visit the Midterm Report page.

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