VIDEO: ‘Don’t Frack the Law!’ From Partner Organization the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives

Watch this video from TEG partner organization, the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives on the issue of BC’s greenhouse gas emissions. Click here to give a helping hand and sign the petition to the Premier to save BC’s fresh water sources from environmentally harmful fracking.

Hi Climate Justice Project partners and friends,

We recently put out a call for organizations in our network and beyond to sign an open letter on BC’s GHG targets, which are threatened by plans to massively expand natural gas development in Northern BC. It is a simple but strategic call to BC’s political parties to re-commit to the law of the land, the 2007 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act, and to table in their platforms actions that will get us to our 2020 target of a one-third reduction relative to 2007 levels. The BC government made a big deal about this act when it was legislated, and we should not let it become another broken promise.

In addition [we have] released a video, Don’t Frack the Law!, which is a primer on BC’s Natural Gas Strategy, how it is contrary to our GHG targets, and a call to action for this election cycle.

We’ve created a “landing page” on the CCPA web site that links to both of the above, with some additional action links to petitions (including a joint petition we have launched with CJP partner, Sierra Club) and links to CJP partners working on climate issues:


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