Think Outside the Brown Bag Lunch – Food Practices on School Days Study Underway

Brown Bag Parents, teachers, and school-aged children alike all know that it is a task simply to get kids up, ready, out of the house, and to school on time. Add to this the effort that can go into making healthy eating choices that are also convenient, low-impact, and possibly even local and organic, and it is easy to see the value of a study into the food practices of students on school days!

In order to shed some light on this conundrum the Food Practices on School Days Study is currently underway, working closely with the Think & Eat Green @ School team. Drawing from surveys conducted at 26 Vancouver schools from nearly 1000 students between Grade 6-8, the goal of the study is to learn more about students’ dietary choices on school days, and how their attitudes towards food as well as school food environment shape everyday food choices.

As information of interest pops up during the exploration of results obtained through this study, we will continue to keep you informed about it here. Check in to the Food Practices on School Days study page here to see our previous updates, meet the team behind the work, and to learn more!


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