Letter from the Think & Eat Green @ School Team to Participants in the Final Think & Eat Green @ School Conference

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We would like to thank you sincerely for participating in the Think&EatGreen@School conference on Thursday February 19th at Vancouver Technical Secondary School. Your presence and engagement made the event a vibrant learning and sharing experience for all involved. It was wonderful seeing you there.

Particular gratitude and admiration go to the amazing presenters at the conference (in order of appearance): Dr. Alejandro Rojas, Dr. Gwen Chapman, Natasha Tousaw, Max Langley, Will Rehmu, Kate Scamvougeras, Blythe Brooks-Hill, Megan Barnes, Alane Lublow, Scott Malin, Chessa Adsit-Morris, Andrea Reimer, Cheryl Richardson, Henry Lau, Cassandra Ly, Brendan Chan, Katharine Shipley, Bronwyn Vaisey, Jamie Latimer, Leah Rambally, Winnie Bao, Ilana Lubow, Dr. Zenobia Barlow, and Dr. Lee Gass.

Special thanks and appreciation for the contributions of the TEGS Coordinating Committee and the fantastic work of the organizing team: Stephanie Shulhan, Elena Orrego, Chessa Adsit-Morris, Nicole Read, and Matthew Kemshaw. We express deep gratitude to Dr. Will Valley for being our Master of Ceremonies for the day. We are much obliged to Cyprien Lomas and Duncan McHugh of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems Learning Centre for the careful work to ensure an excellent audio-visual system, Grace McRae-Okine for working on the TEGS website, Pedro Orrego and Peter Jedstadt who made the video presented at the conference and who continue to work on the extended version, and the UBC Sustainability Initiative for its support of the video project.

Thanks also to all of the representatives from Community Partner organizations who participated in the Networking and Resource Fair, and to Vancouver Technical Secondary School for being our host venue; Vice Principal David Bach in particular was extremely helpful in booking and appropriately preparing the spaces that we used. In case you are wondering who was responsible for the delicious food that you enjoyed: the Van Tech cafeteria staff, led by Sophia Thomson and Amy Ridout, prepared the breakfast goodies and coffee; Culver City Salads fed us the wonderfully fresh lunch; and Vij’s Railway Express brought us the delectable Indian food dinner. The food and meals were made possible by the coordination and planning of Elena Orrego, our Project Manager.

Last but not least, congratulations to each and all of us who collectively created and implemented the vision of our Project as a contribution to a better world. Together we have accomplished much over the past five years, and we are sure that many creative and inspiring initiatives and milestones are to come. Thank you all for being there to celebrate the network of the Think&EatGreen@School Project.


The Think&EatGreen@School team

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