Reminder: Small Grant Applications Due Friday November 28, 2014


This is a reminder that Small Grant applications are due by this Friday, November 28th at midnight.

Please email with any of your questions or concerns, and for any help with the application process.


– Is the partnership requirement mandatory?

The partnership aspect is not a mandatory part of the grant process, but where applications are of equivalent merit we will be giving preference to applications from schools who do create partnerships with other schools and/or community partners.

Examples include: Earth/harvest day celebrations, workshops, field trips, pocket markets, high school students working with elementary school students on projects related to the food system, or submitting part of the project proposal as a partnership while the other part is independent.

– Do both partners have to submit separate applications?

If you do choose to apply in a partnership, you only need to submit one application between partners. Within the application, there are sections for the primary contact information of each school, what is already in place at each school, who will be a part of the ‘Small Grant team,’ as well as a section for your proposed work plan and budget, and signatures from each school’s Principal.

– Do I need to have the Principals signature on the application?

If it is easier, please feel free to scan and email the signatures of each school’s Principal separately from the grant application.


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