VIDEO: The Worms of Henderson Elementary

worm garden videoThis unshared gem has been recently unearthed, and is sure to start 2013 for you with a smile on your face. The video was brought to the attention of the Think & Eat Green Team in late November 2012.  It features the ‘launching’ of worms from worm composters that were introduced by the TEG Team last year into new garden beds by Henderson School students.

Hi Dr. Rojas,

I want to say thank you for all your program has done for our school!  Your students were amazing and showed our students about stages in the food chain and how different lunches affect the food chain. [You] will love the 1 minute movie of our students launching worms into their new garden beds.  It is joyful and beautiful, created by the supeintendant’s media man during his visit to our classroom.  In the video, he launches worms with my students from all the worm composters that were created by your team last year and their many generations of other worms!  At the beginning I put in a word about your program and specifically mention Think and Eat Green Schools!  I hope that you love it!  I think it expresses many things that words just cannot!  You must tell your students how important their work is!

Thank you and God bless you for your work and inspiration to all of us in schools!  You guys take us to new places!

Marguerite Leahy
Henderson School

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