Think & Eat Green @ School : Tea-time for Tyee Elementary Students

“Wednesday, the Think&EatGreen@School project worked with a class of students at Tyee Elementary school to make ceramic tea cups using either the pinch pot method or the coil pot method. After shaping their cup using one of the two pottery methods the students added handles and used natural materials such as pinecones to create intricate patterns on the outside of the cups.


We are hoping that all the classes at Tyee Elementary will make their own ceramic tea cups and the students will be able to grow their own teas including a number of mint varieties. Although it was a messy and time consuming task, having the students make their own ceramic tea cups is an important exercise in learning both the appreciation of a material object but also the significance of time and process. Making the cups was a fun way to share in the experience of tea, from beginning to end, as they will not only be able to grow the teas but also consume them in a cup created by their own hand.”

– From Chessa Adsit-Morris, Think & Eat Green Team Member

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